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...and here's what some of them say about CMS

This was from a new recipient of a CMS Pre-Conference Weekly Report.
She was pleasantly surprised.

This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you very much for providing me with it. I'm getting the most current list on a timely basis. It helps me ensure I do not forget to contact any of my volunteers.

Again, thank you very much. This is of tremendous help!

(email address on request)


This international group of phonetic scientists came to us as a result of a peer-to-peer referral and, best of all, their sentiments lead to our meeting even more happy scientists. These comments arrived unsolicited at the successful conclusion of a major conference.

Let me say how great it was to work with you.

For ISEA, this was the first time that we used web-based abstract submissions and registration, and we wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it wasn't for your help and guidance. Thanks.

(email address on request)


We heard from a number of committee members after this major regional conference of a religious organization.
We could not have been more pleased.

This was the first time we have used an outside company to help with organizing a conference and we will definitely use you guys again. Please have anybody call me if they want to talk with a happy customer.

(email address—and phone number—on request)

I did want to take this opportunity to thank you again for the fine job you did with the Nashville Conference, and assure you that you will on the top of my list the next time I am involved in a similar project.

Warmest Wishes,

(email address on request)


This was nice.
One group of satisfied academicians passed the baton to the next year's organizing committee who decided to produce their own meeting. When we offered to post the prior year's registration materials on our website so they could pattern their efforts after ours, we got this happy note back.
You're terrific! Thanks a million!


We have since received assurances that—well, what can we say; we were missed and would be involved with next year's conference. So, "Thanks, Mary."

The common theme seems to be that we do a good job of making our clients look bigger and better-organized, sometimes just a little more professional, than they've been able to accomplish when they try and do it all themselves.

We can help you too.

Just ask any of these folks!

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